Monday, August 24, 2009

I know...


I know, interwebs, I know. I've been grossly absent from the blogosphere as of late. I've even gotten emails asking about my state of wellbeing due to the lack of post-ness. Let's just clear it all up, shall we?

The fish is fine. She just has two jobs now. The fish is really busy...

...or usually really tired. I haven't even gotten around to doing some of the layouts knocking around in my head. See? That's tired, man.

Add to that a narcoleptic husband, and you get my stress level, lack of sleep, and general all around fuzziness from learning a new job. (I sorta started a new job at my full-time job. See? I forgot to tell you that, too.)

SO! Recap?

The fish is fine. The bear is fine. The frog is fine. The moose is fine. The duck is fine - I think. I haven't talked to the duck in a little while...I should check my messenger...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

August Blog Challenge

"Back to School"