Monday, October 20, 2008

Oh Monday, how I loathe...

It is probably going to be a pretty verbose day; so, I'm just going to let fly whatever comes to mind. First, the weekend recap:

I took Friday off from my full-time job because I was originally supposed to travel to Topeka to see Tammy. The trip had to be cancelled because both Tammy and I had a lot of stuff come down the pike all at once, and we both felt guilty about spending the money on ourselves. (Yes, we should have done it, but we still felt guilty.) So, I didn't go to Topeka. Instead, I spent the entire day working my lia sophia job. I printed out invitations for an upcoming party, I sorted and stuffed envelopes, and I went to the post office to put 50 postcard stamps on my outgoing invitations because the bastards don't use a machine any more. In between work stuff, I dragged Hub out to do some shopping. There were a few groceries on the list, but mostly I bought stuff I needed. Shampoo, a file cabinet, folders, etc. After getting my file cabinet set up, I worked some more! I set up my website ( and made sure the address was on my business cards. I even did a little e-marketing, which was pretty cool. that was Friday. OH! I also bought one of those Neutrogena face washer jobbies, and it's really neat! It's a facial massager and face washer thing, and I really like it. Totally pink, too.

I did a lot of errand running on Saturday, actually. At 12:30 PM, I had my biweekly massage appointment (which I go to for migraine treatment). Following that, I had a hair-cut appointment (I'm adorable now). After that, I decided to rent some movies (see my reviews below), and I brought Taco Bell back to the pad for some Hub and fish time. Hub totally slept through Hub and fish time, though, because he'd played a charity softball tournament that morning, and he was exhaustified. So, fish had movie time without Hub. Here's what I rented and what I thought:
Good Luck Chuck - OK, this is completely a corny movie, but I loved it. I'm totally a Dane Cook groupie now. It was goofy but really fun. Love the sex montage, too. *LOL*
Street Kings - I've been on a Kee-nu kick for the last six months. I've been watching The Replacements, The Matrix, and any other sort of Kee-nu movie all over the place. This one, however, wasn't that great. He had kind of a New York greasy thing going on, and I didn't dig it at all. Plus, the movie was slower than hell.
Iron Man - For all of the hype, I wasn't really that impressed. It was a slow movie, and I didn't think it was all that great. There were a few funny moments in the movie, though. I was especially delighted when Stark (main character) flew himself backwards into a wall.
Lost Boys / Tribe - This is the sequel to the Lost Boys movie from the 80s. It was super corny in a LOT of places. Edgar Frog stupid. However, I cannot tell a lie, and I've been singing "Thou Shalt Not Fall" since Saturday.

My friend Jamie had an open house to promote her business on Sunday, and I was there for, like, five hours. I was so very pleased that she had a good turn-out, and she got four bookings from the open house! We hung out for a bit, and I played w/ her dog, Sassy. Sunday night, Hub and I tried to watch Iron Man; but again, Hub fell asleep. So, I watched it by myself; and then, I went to bed.

That brings us to today, which has kind of sucked. It's a Monday, what can I say?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Did You Know?

I was not named for anyone in my family. My grandfather wanted to name me 'April' on account of the day I was born.

I taught myself how to type.

I first flew on an airplane before the age of 1.

I am losing pigmentation in my hair, which is not the same as "going gray."

I have known my best friend since I was 15, but I have only physically met her once.

I have never broken a single bone in my body.

I am the oldest of three children by my father - one of whom I will never meet.

I learned to embroider from my grandmother.

I saw my first ghost at the age of 12. Coincidentally, I began having migraines at approximately the same age.

There is only one person on the planet who knows every single one of my secrets, and it isn't my husband.

I only have one "accidental" scar.

I don't like to wear shoes.

I very rarely speak the name of my higher power.

I never took home economics in school.

I still do not remember going to school from grades K-5. (I know I did, but I don't remember it.)

I cannot sleep in socks, pants, or sleeves.

I enjoy football movies more than anyone I know.

I do not like to buy birthday or anniversary presents.

I'm often compelled to follow the first notion that pops into my head. (i.e. when buying birthday presents)

I still like to eat raw potatoes, raw cabbage, and sweet corn thanks to my grandmother.

I am decidedly unattached to anything political.

I sleep with the fan on, even in the winter, because I cannot sleep if I'm hot.

I have only been to two baby showers in my life - one was for a teenage mother-to-be when I was a junior in high school.

I have a low tolerance for noise.

I have only been to one bachelorette party in my life.

I do not like tomatoes, grapes, cherries, oranges, or anything else squishy.

I was in my twenties before I tried Chinese food.

I never really dreamed of going away to college. Now, I wish I'd have done so.

I read crime stories and watch crime TV as a coping mechanism.

I used to consider myself a good listener; I don't anymore.

I cannot go to bed unless everything in my house is in the right spot and / or finished.

I do not have any known allergies.

I didn't understand where the term "holy cow" came from until I was 25 years old.

I inherited my love of all things pink from my grandmother. (My mother's favorite color is blue.)

I can see in the dark, which irritates my husband to no end.

I do not have a favorite song, television show, or movie, but I do have a favorite book. (The Red Tent by Anita Diamant)

I only had three wisdom teeth - a trait, I have since learned, I share with my father and half-brother.

I *hate* golf.

I have never read Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit.

I have traveled to most of the continental states. I also spent 30 minutes in Tijuana.

I have undergone one surgery in my lifetime, and it was an elective procedure.

I have more tattooes than my husband, which also irritates him to no end.

I do not believe human beings were meant to be monogamous.

I do not like to run.

I carry a weapon with me at all times. I have pondered the notion of applying for a concealed weapon permit so I might purchase a gun.

I have three favorite candies: M&Ms, Kit Kats, and Skittles. I'm also quite fond of Starburst.