Monday, October 13, 2008

Did You Know?

I was not named for anyone in my family. My grandfather wanted to name me 'April' on account of the day I was born.

I taught myself how to type.

I first flew on an airplane before the age of 1.

I am losing pigmentation in my hair, which is not the same as "going gray."

I have known my best friend since I was 15, but I have only physically met her once.

I have never broken a single bone in my body.

I am the oldest of three children by my father - one of whom I will never meet.

I learned to embroider from my grandmother.

I saw my first ghost at the age of 12. Coincidentally, I began having migraines at approximately the same age.

There is only one person on the planet who knows every single one of my secrets, and it isn't my husband.

I only have one "accidental" scar.

I don't like to wear shoes.

I very rarely speak the name of my higher power.

I never took home economics in school.

I still do not remember going to school from grades K-5. (I know I did, but I don't remember it.)

I cannot sleep in socks, pants, or sleeves.

I enjoy football movies more than anyone I know.

I do not like to buy birthday or anniversary presents.

I'm often compelled to follow the first notion that pops into my head. (i.e. when buying birthday presents)

I still like to eat raw potatoes, raw cabbage, and sweet corn thanks to my grandmother.

I am decidedly unattached to anything political.

I sleep with the fan on, even in the winter, because I cannot sleep if I'm hot.

I have only been to two baby showers in my life - one was for a teenage mother-to-be when I was a junior in high school.

I have a low tolerance for noise.

I have only been to one bachelorette party in my life.

I do not like tomatoes, grapes, cherries, oranges, or anything else squishy.

I was in my twenties before I tried Chinese food.

I never really dreamed of going away to college. Now, I wish I'd have done so.

I read crime stories and watch crime TV as a coping mechanism.

I used to consider myself a good listener; I don't anymore.

I cannot go to bed unless everything in my house is in the right spot and / or finished.

I do not have any known allergies.

I didn't understand where the term "holy cow" came from until I was 25 years old.

I inherited my love of all things pink from my grandmother. (My mother's favorite color is blue.)

I can see in the dark, which irritates my husband to no end.

I do not have a favorite song, television show, or movie, but I do have a favorite book. (The Red Tent by Anita Diamant)

I only had three wisdom teeth - a trait, I have since learned, I share with my father and half-brother.

I *hate* golf.

I have never read Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit.

I have traveled to most of the continental states. I also spent 30 minutes in Tijuana.

I have undergone one surgery in my lifetime, and it was an elective procedure.

I have more tattooes than my husband, which also irritates him to no end.

I do not believe human beings were meant to be monogamous.

I do not like to run.

I carry a weapon with me at all times. I have pondered the notion of applying for a concealed weapon permit so I might purchase a gun.

I have three favorite candies: M&Ms, Kit Kats, and Skittles. I'm also quite fond of Starburst.

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