Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Keep On Rocking With Your Freebirth

I walked the dog last night! Woo hoo! I wasn't sure I was going to be up to it because I'd been feeling so crappy, but I haven't spent much time w/ her over the last five days because I've been so freaking sick. So, we took a short walk when I got home from work. It was fantastico.

I didn't sleep well last night, which is boo. I took my zolpidem and everything, but it just wasn't in the stars I suppose (heh). I got about four hours, I think. I imagine I will go to bed early tonight to make up for some of that sleep. *lol* They say you can't stock up on or make up sleep, but I sorely beg to differ.


I watched this show last night on the National Geographic channel about freebirthing. Freebirthing is the term for women who have decided to forego all conventional (hospital / doctor) and alternative (midwife) medical treatment during pregnancy and birth. So, these women have decided to not go to a doctor for fetal monitoring, and they have decided to give birth at themselves...Now, I'm generally not big on being brought down by "the man." If a person wants to try something a new way, I'm usually all for it. The thought of these women giving birth at home, though, with no sort of monitoring whatsoever is pretty out there. I guess I'm of two opinions on the issue:

1. I think that it is a bad idea for someone to forego medical care completely when they are pregnant. There are so many potential complications during pregnancy and then during birth, that going it completely alone doesn't make sense to me. It is a frightening thought that someone could go full term without ever knowing that she has a complication. It is more frightening to think that someone could get halfway through the birthing process, have something go wrong, and be alone with no help available. (I say no help available because apparently when hospitals or doctors find out a woman wants to freebirth, they withdraw their "services.")

2. I'm never one for telling someone they can't do something. Hospitals have even gone so far as to tell women who want to freebirth that they may be prosecuted if they do so, which is untrue (freebirthing is legal in all of the United States). I have never liked the idea of taking away someone's choice on an issue simply because you, Joe Bob, or Representative Spikes dislikes the notion of it. SO, while I may not agree? You will never hear me tell someone they can't do it.

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