Friday, December 26, 2008

Oh, the update...

I'm quite purposefully taking my time at work today; so, I am going to keep this update running until I've run out of things to say (which may or may not be pretty quickly)...

I'm currently not feeling the best. :( Beginning Wednesday night, I started fighting some sort of bug, and I'm still battling it. Yesterday was pretty bad. I've had a lot of nausea, pain, and fatigue, not to mention a stuffy head, bloody nose, and exploding butt. (TMI. sorry.) This morning, I thought, would be a little bit better (and it has been in most categories), but then I fell down on the steps leading out of my house. So, now I feel all sorts of sorry for myself, and I really just want to go home to my bed.

What else? I need to get my nails done. I need to go to the bank and the post office. My job is currently driving me crazy, but I've decided to stay with it. I have a lot of medical care coming up, and my insurance is too good to let go of right now. I'm also debating returning to school to become a nurse. So, we'll see. Right now, I don't really want to think about much because I feel crappy.

I have photos from a recent mini-book project, but I don't want to post them yet because it is a gift. Wouldn't do anybody any good to give it all away.

That's all I've got for right now.

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