Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Things I Learned in 2008

  1. It IS possible to receive 100 text messages in a day's time.
  2. 80 hours of transcription in one month is too much.
  3. Tiger Balm patches are the miracle migraine cure.
  4. Almond Kringle is OMG good. (And I keep calling it Krimple.)
  5. There comes a time when you just have to let go of your parents.
  6. Dogs may be the best things on the planet.
  7. You're supposed to make corn dip with mayo, not Miracle Whip.
  8. Moving sucks.
  9. Lawyers suck.
  10. If you lie down on the floor in a bowling alley, you will be looked at in an odd fashion.
  11. Mt. Dew is like crack: Once you start, you can't ever stop.
  12. Jimmy John's puts crack in their bread.
  13. If you have a sex toy party, chances are you will get to know your friends better than you ever planned.
  14. Having your first Thanksgiving dinner is pretty special (even if you have no idea how to cook the turkey).
  15. When someone turns 30, the proper response is not, "Wow, you're old!"
  16. Mooses can still make a girl cry.
  17. There is no better homminahommina than Christian Bale.
  18. It is still easy to get too attached too fast.
  19. Election day matters.
  20. Taco dip is the best party food ever.
  21. Jeiger and socks make for a great Saturday night.
  22. Little Caesar $5 takeaway pizza is a great thing.
  23. Living in the city makes errand-running a heck of a lot easier.
  24. Goldfish die easily.
  25. When frog says, "Touch the string," touch the string.

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