Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We are one month and counting down to the Luv Day. :) Just a random bit of random.

I realized last night that since I've been working on Project 365, I haven't actually WRITTEN much of an update. Most of my posts lately are centered around the picture I'm posting for the day. Even though a picture may say a thousand words, I thought a few extra words would be nice. So, I'm going to try to post an actual update, and I will post today's photo later. (Side note: I'm on my second cup of coffee this morning; I might jump around a bit.)

So, what's new? I am teaching Epona self control, which means I'm teaching her to not take treats automatically but to wait for permission. She's doing really well with this, surprisingly. I'm also teaching her to watch me in preparation for the coming spring when I will take her out for walks and have to come between her and other dogs. *flex* We still haven't found a toy that she can't destroy, but I did replace her lost kong with a regular dog kong; so, maybe this one will last a little bit longer.

In the medical arena, I recently had a f/u w/ Penmatcha, and we're fine tuning my treatment plan. I'm weaning off the prednisone now because I can't be on it long term. The downside to this is that my pain may go up with the absence of the steroid. In about a month, I will go back for another f/u; and at that time, we'll check my PPD and review the chest XR I'm going to have to have to determine if we want to start methotrexate. I'm not super thrilled about beginning methotrexate; but if it is necessary, I will try it. I DID make sure to talk to her about other possibilities, though, and she told me that there is a wide variety of stuff we can try if this current route doesn't work. I am going today to have retinal photos and visual acuity tests because of the Plaquenil; and once these tests are done (chest XR, PPD, and eye tests), I will start maintenance, which will mean fewer visits to the damn doctor...I hope. I also did the smart thing and scheduled a therapy appointment so I can learn some coping skills. I'm going back to see the therapist from Iowa City because I had really good outcomes with her, she knows me already, and I trust her; so, it is worth it to me to make that drive for those appointments.

The downside of the eyeball appointment today is that I have to have my pupils dilated a-freaking-gain. *SIGH*

I can't think of anything else right now...More later. :)

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