Saturday, February 14, 2009

Catching Up and Valentine's Day

First, this is Thursday's photo. I recently went back to therapy, and my therapist deals a lot with people who have chronic pain issues. We're working on coping skills, which is really what I wanted to get out of the appointments. This is the first technique we are trying. It is called a "soothing kit." You pick a bag that you really like, and you fill it with things that will draw you out of anxiety and panic. Inside mine, I have a mala, a cd, and my camera. :)

This is my Valentine's day shot. *LOL* Hub woke me up this morning with presents, which was totally cool, but I had the ROUGHEST night last night. I had a migraine that almost landed me in the ER - again. So, you can totally tell that I'm not with it. Do you see my one eye open and one eye closed? *LOL* I've totally decimated half of those cupcakes already, by the way.

My flowers and Hub's bear on the mantle. :)

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