Monday, March 23, 2009

I try my best...

to look like a goob at every possible occasion...

This is my "why are you looking at me?" face. Can't you tell?

That is a Girl Scout Cookie on my forehead - shortbread, if you're wondering.

Ok - there is a story behind the random goggles. My rheumatologist told me that I need to do more stretching activity to keep my joints lubricated, or something, like yoga, walking, etc. When I mentioned that I was thinking of joining the YMCA so I could swim, she got very excited and said that was the best exercise I could do. So, I joined the YMCA today, which, of course, spawned a whole day's worth of fan-girl-ness and all the STUFF I "needed" to get started. This included these super-cute pink goggles, which I never would have donned for the camera if it weren't for Josh.

Happy birthday, Josh.

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