Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Blog Roll has taken me a long time to get into the role of "blogger." I kept a diary on Open Diary for a long time, but I could never keep with it regularly. I always felt like I had to entertain people; and sometimes, I just wanted to get my vent on. Since I came to blogger, though, I've felt a lot more free with my blog. I can post photos when I want...I can blabber about unimportant stuff when I want...and without a "favorites" list, I don't have to do a goddamn survey if I don't want to. I have done the occasional survey (I will remind you of the 30 Sansa songs that rocked my world), but I don't feel compelled to do so.

[Side note: I LOVE the blog-following feature on blogger. I can put in all the addresses of the blogs I read, and it keeps them all right there together - even those who aren't on blogger. Can you say super-fantastic? I knew that you could.]

Also since I've been on blogger, I check out blogs of note, I read other blogs, and I surf the blog world. And can I just tell you? SOME OF THESE BLOGGERS ARE FUCKING BRILLIANT. And ok, I feel a little overwhelmed because really? They ALWAYS have something to say, and they say it in a really long, really detailed way...but not in a bad long way. It's like storytime every day on some of these blogs. I wanna be that blogger! I wanna know how to write a chapter about a temper tantrum, a roll of toilet paper, or a bad hair day! My venting usually resorts to foul-mouthed language, though, and that makes for bad blogging, I think. I wonder how they come up with all their verbosity, and I don't even care if that isn't a word. It sometimes takes me an hour to write an update, and some of that time is spent trying to drudge up something that I did or witnessed that seemed cool! I end up telling myself that nobody wants to read about the 10,000 things I did with my dog yesterday.

But you know what?

Fooey. I'm going to write about my damn dog, and my fish, and my bed, and my fuzzy slippers all I want. There's room for me, too, dangit.

And hey, if nobody likes it, at least I'll never know. Hehehe.

PS: If you're a blog-reader, check out The Daily Snark on my blogroll. I just found her, and I'm hooked.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I appreciate it.

    Write about whatever the hell you want to write about. Chances are, if it interests you, it's going to interest someone else. I, for one, totally want to read about your damn dog!

    There are so many great bloggers out there and the best thing is everyone does it differently. All that matters is that you keep writing—if you write it, they will come!

  2. I always thought more readers would leave comments. Most don't. Often friends will rather email me than leave a comment.

    Blogging is sharing. So share what you want.

    IMHO - I think it helps to have a background post and a list of favorite past posts.

    take care