Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: 4/21/09

I don't have the cool picture yet, but today's Random Tuesday Thoughts is brought to you by The Un-Mom.

From a conversation a-la-roadtrip yesterday:

Hub: I thought about getting Jaime a decorative spoon, but I didn't
think she had any spoons.

Me: Honey, I'm sure she has spoons. Look! Spoon River!

Hub: I am going to stab you with a spoon when we get home.

Me: If there is a fork in the Spoon River, do you suppose they call it
a spork?

Kootienaj is seriously a real place. Look it up.

So, I think I have finally decided that I am seriously undecided. I make fun of frog a lot by calling her Indeciso, but I think she rubbed off her indecision goo on me or something because I'm having a hard time making big decisions. Do I want to go back to school? Or, do I want to try for my CMT certification again because I kind of actually like my job? Do I want to consider having a baby? Ohmycow, I seriously am having a cow about the fact that I can't decide.

Don't you think that places of business should just do away with recordings completely? Aren't they just a pain in your ear? This happened to me today: I called my rheumatologist's office to reschedule an upcoming appointment for labs. I listen to the recording, and it tells me to press 2 for scheduling. I press 2. I hear a little elevator music. Then this:

Office: Rheumatology Associates; how may I direct your call?

Me: *stumped a little because I wasn't expecting that question*
Um, what?

Office: How may I direct your call?

Me: I'm calling to reschedule an appointment.

Office: Just a moment, I'll transfer you.

HUH????? Isn't that the point of the damn recording in the first place? If you have to transfer me AFTER I PRESSED 2, then your recording is pointless and, therefore, a waste of my time, you crazy time-waster. After I press two, a friendly person should answer the phone and say, "Scheduling! How may I help you?"

...ok...I can't think of anything else right now...vacation update soon...


  1. I've never understood that, either. Is it some kind of status badge to have an automated redirection-thinger?