Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: STFU

Ok I know my posts have been kind of mean lately, but I'm just having a DAY...an extended day that is actually more like...a month. Anyways, I had an appointment day today, and some of my oddities were crystallized for me just so I could be irritable.

For instance, I was at the dentist first this morning. Generally speaking, I do not like to make small talk with people I don't know. This includes you, dental assistant person! Seriously, she's trying to clean my teeth and carry on this conversation with me, in which I DON'T CARE! STFU already!

I try to be nice about it, but I don't like forced connectivity. I connect with the people I care about, and that's all I need. I don't need to connect with random people at the airport, at the gas station, at the dentist, or in the shopping mall. Leave me and my little bubble-world alone. Go chat up someone else.

AND THEN I got a freaking parking ticket in Iowa City. The Iowa City parking department (I really have no idea what they are called) is comprised of some picky bastards, did you know that? I *ALWAYS* seem to get a parking ticket when I go to Iowa City. I imagine they are all a bunch of crochety bastards (totally like me) with no better way to vent their frustration than to give unsuspecting out-of-towners (ok I only live an hour away, but still) tickets!

My garden is finally starting to bloom. The tulips have already come and tuliped
their last. But the astilbes look very pretty. The bleeding hearts
are...bleeding their hearts...? And the bridal wreath is already pissing me off.
(It was completely not my choice to plant those bastard bushes.) Everything
looks lovely, except for the irises......Oh, the irises. Epona, Miss Priss,
apparently hates the irises....because she takes every single opportunity that
comes her way to SIT ON THEM. Oh yes, dog butt right on the plant. Stalk? Break.
I will be lucky to have *A* iris this year.

AND! Hub started carrying Epona around the house. I really have no idea why. He's six feet tall, and he felt compelled to cart her around one day, or something. Only now, my 40 pounds of shedding fur and lolling tongue wants to be packed EVERYWHERE. She freaking loves it, and she won't stop nearly knocking a gal over until she is lifted into the air and carted. OH I HAVE PROOF! *runs to get camera*

I had to put her down on the COUNTER, y'all, because she's so heavy. Do you see her just loving it, though? Spoiled brat of a dog, she is.

For more RTT, go visit Keely. You can blame her for my
random-ness....well, today you can.


  1. lol, love the pic (after I turned my head sideways)...what a spoiled little pup she is...so cute! You should write in and have them make one of those baby carriers for massive dogs. :)

  2. I found you a shirt:

    My dog trashes my flowers and eats my tomatos.

  3. Dog butt prints, hating Iowa City, and avoiding small talk when your mouth is wide open, that is some awesome randomness!