Friday, June 19, 2009

Not That Kind of Fish

If you see someone who has been caught up in a flash flood, here are a few helpful tips:
  • Perchance you there, standing on the porch in your pyjamas watching the torrential rain, could flag down the vehicle and warn the driver about the road having flooded JUST LAST WEEK before he / she continues to go forward.
  • If you see that this person is struggling to get out of the vehicle, perhaps offering some assistance would be nice.
  • If you are unable to help this person, perhaps asking him / her if he / she is OK after they reach safety would be helpful.
  • If said person has not yet called for assistance, please do so.
  • When the rain has stopped and some of the water has receded, offering to help push the car out of the middle of the road would be fantastic.


  • Stand there and stare.
  • By NO MEANS EVER, should you stand there with a video camera pointed at this person. It is rude, and you may be hurt.
  • Swim laps around the car that has been flooded. (Seriously, you can't make that up.)
  • Also BY NO MEANS should you drive your pick-up truck by the flooded car thus pushing more water up onto, over, and into the car that is stuck. (Asshole.)

And lastly, it is really not necessary for any of the following questions:

  • Did you get wet?
  • Car stuck?
  • Got caught there, did ya?

This is a public service announcement. Feel free to tell your friends.

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