Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Current Faves

10 current favorite things:

  1. Just My Size blue jeans, size 18, dark wash (I prefer boot cut over classic, but the classics fit well also.)
  2. Butterfly Flower body spray and lotion from Bath and Body Works
  3. www.paperbackswap.com
  4. Health at Every Size by Linda Bacon
  5. The movie Hairspray
  6. Sam's Choice Clearly American Water, Mediterranean Orange
  7. Lucinda Darkly by Sunny
  8. Careless Whispers by Seether (cover of Wham)
  9. Fat Fu (to be found in my blogroll)
  10. Epona Marie (always a favorite)

Tomorrow, we'll talk about why I think Hairspray is so important to a fat girl. :)

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