Tuesday, October 6, 2009

RTT: The return

I've been absent from RTT for a while; so, I don't know if I will be able to think of anything?

My god-daughter was just released from the hospital, and I'm so incredibly happy that she is ok. She was admitted for mental stabilization (something I almost had to do this year), and she began a new medication formula, which should help. She's making better choices towards her health now, and I'm so proud of her for doing what she had to do to make it better. (She's 18. I would have been terrified.)

Hungry Hobo = El Fabuloso

I recently began foraging into a new spiritual place, and I'm psyched about it but a little scared, too. A new goddess has been pushing into my brain, and it sometimes takes up a lot of mental energy just to keep up. I've been researching all day, though, and I feel pretty connected in this place now. I still have to write my body ritual, but I think that will come later tonight. I'm looking to perform it on the next new moon (usually when my body image is at its lowest); so, I still have plenty of time.

I need to have my eyebrows waxed.

OMG! I bought argyle socks! I heart the argyle!

It is kind of funny when people from your past make themselves known in your current life. Sometimes, you expect them to be the same, and they are different. But sometimes, you expect them to be different, and they are exactly the same.

For more random fun, go visit Keely. (*points to blogroll*)

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