Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Oreo Dilemma

It is one thirty in the morning, and, as I was in bed awake, I thought to myself "Hey, I'd like a pack of Oreos."  So, I got up and had a pack of Oreos.  (They come six to a pack.  No, I don't share with Epona.)

And now I'm feeling Oreo remorse.

My eating is spiraling out of control.  The only thing keeping it in check, I think, is the daily exercise routine that I actually managed to start.  But I'm not losing anything; I'm just maintaining the round weight I have already achieved.  (definately a round number)

The intuitive eating side of me is telling me "Who cares? Eat the damn Oreo."  The socially-molded side of me says "Don't eat that Oreo or you'll never be pretty."

The question is, I think, is can I be happy maintaining this weight?  The exercise I am doing is bound to increase endurance increases, but who knows how long before weight becomes an issue with regards to that.  Remember that three mile stuff from months ago?  I think it is an utter fantasy that I will ever be RUNNING three miles a day.

Oreo remorse sucks.

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