Monday, September 22, 2008

El Monday - The Suck

This Monday has sucked. Partially, it has sucked because I was gone on Friday, and I am now swamped. If I'd have been here, everything would still be caught up.

It was a pretty tough weekend - beginning with Friday's sick day. On Saturday, I spent three hours talking to my dad about my mom, my past, my headaches, etc. It was a good talk, but I was incredibly emotionally exhausted after we were done talking. I never realized how much better it would make me feel for someone to say "let me bear this burden for you" until my dad said it to me. It was...a very powerful moment.

Sunday was the day of my start-up show for my Lia Sophia business. I was a bit disappointed because only three people showed up out of a lot more people who said they would show up. I have three bookings now, and two of those are only because my beloved frog (I love you!) and one of my good friends felt sorry for me. *lol* I'm still trying to track down Ms. Money Penny so I can schedule her show, if she still wants to do it (hint hint), but I can't seem to connect at the right time. So, I made a qualifying show (just barely), but I was hoping that it would have been more of a success. So, Sunday afternoon was tiring, too.

And that leads to Monday...and grumpiness...and all sorts of wanting to take a nap.

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