Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I was never a Claymate anyway...

Ok. So, Clay Aiken is gay. Are we surprised? No, I dare say we are not. I have never been a "Claymate" myself...for the pure and simple fact that the man looks like a puppet. I swear, if Pinocchio was an actual person, he would look like Clay Aiken. THAT is just creepy.

Ok, so here's a few random things:

1. I have fruit punch stains on my shirt, which pisses me off (PMO, for short - I use this a lot lately *L*). I have little red stains on almost all of my favorite shirts now. *frump*
2. I need to buy new bras. One has a hole in the front from a voracious dog chew, one has a hole in the right side where the wire is poking through, and one just PMO because it won't stay where it is supposed to stay. Bras are expensive, though! I don't understand why bras are so expensive because they are like socks; everybody needs socks.
3. Speaking of socks, why is it so freaking hard to get a man to buy new socks? Or undershirts? Or underwear? Granted, I don't make the situation any easier by calling Hub's underwear "hoolies," "boy-hooties," or "underoos"; but when your tighty-whities are turning grey, it's time for some new ones.

I read the Newsweek article about "8 things that annoy Ricky Gervais," which I thought was entertaining. So, I've decided to share some of the things that annoy me (or PMO, if you will *heh*). We could be here a while, but here we go:

1. People who honk at me when I'm clearly doing nothing wrong. There was this van the other day who honked at me as I pulled into my lane. WTF? Road here for driving, thank you.
2. Grocery shoppers without a list. The grocery store is not a hang-out, people. Make a list, get your groceries, and get out of my way. Loitering may or may not be confronted with cart-rage.
3. "In my opinion..." Of course it's your opinion; it's coming out of your mouth, isn't it? You haven't been elected to speak for anybody else; so, anything you say is your opinion. Don't dumb me down by telling me that it's your opinion because I got it.
4. Re-runs. I can watch the same movie 600 times, but God forbid I have to watch the same TV show more than once. I don't think actors or people who produce / make TV shows should ever be allowed to take vacations because I don't want to be entertained for only half a year.

I'm sure there's more, but I'm all typed out for today...

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