Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mangelos was not the kind of kid who tried a lot of fruit and veg when I was growing up. My family didn't make me try things if I thought it looked gross. (On the flip, side, though, I was told to "clean my plate" all the damn time. No freaking wonder....but I digress.) So, I grew up with a very limited food range. Over the years, I grew more adventuresome. When I moved in w/ Hub, I even broke out into Chinese food, Indian food, and the like.

Now, I'm on this health kick, and I'm trying to widen my variety of fruits and vegetables. So, I'm trying one new piece of fruit each time I make a trip to the grocery store. This trip's new piece was a mangelos. It was an orange thing roughly the size of a gala apple. It was fairly squishy; and as best I can tell, it was a cross between a mango and a tangerine. First, let me say that I'm not a big fan of oranges or grapes. They are squishy, and they remind me (I don't have the faintest notion why) of eating an eyeball. However, in the spirit of trying-new-things-ness, I gave it a shot.

Not so much.

Although, I have to say that I didn't not like it for its eyeball-squish factor so much as the fact that it was sour. And I have witnesses because I made the other clerical people try it, too. Every single one of them said it was sour, and none of them liked it either. So, no more mangelos. Cross you off my list. I did get a good lead on a potential piece of fruit, though, called a grapple. It is an apple bred with grapes, which could be right up my alley because I lurve the apples, and I lurve the grape flavor...but not so much the eyeball-squish factor of grapes. (They explode in your mouth like little eyeballs; how can you like that?!? AND THEN, after they explode, the skin is all...wilty and slimey. *shudder*)

OK! So, no more mangelos.

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  1. OK, how did I not remember this??? My husband married you!! Cuz that is a little too coincidental to not be you! LOL!
    OH my GOSH!!