Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Magic Patch

I seriously may have found the magic migraine cure. Ok, well not the magic migraine cure...more like...the slow migraine helper...

Back story: A week or so ago, I somehow managed to oust my back. Hub went to the store for milk and eggs, or something else rather mundane, and he came home with these *looks at the package to get the name right* Tiger Balm Pain Relieving Patch-es. (The word on the package is not plural, for those of you wondering about that.) So, we put one on my back (yes, it took two of us that day), and all was well.

Flash forward to yesterday: Fast-acting migraine comes on. Fiorinal not working. Fish is ready to hurt someone and / or just go to bed and be deceased. Hub has the bright idea of putting the pain patch on. Now, before you all go "Head On! Apply directly to your head! Head On! Apply directly to your head!", we did not put it on my head. We put it on the back of my neck.

Seriously folks, it worked wonders. Within the first hour, I was down to low-grade, and I could get up and move around enough to take a bath. I took another set of Fiorinal with my Ambien, just to be safe, and I put on another patch before I went to bed. I awoke this morning to no stiff muscles in my neck, no migraine, and breakfast in bed. (I really love it when Hub is on vacation.) So, if you have migraines (ANGEL), try these patches! It's only about $3.00 for a package of five!

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