Friday, April 10, 2009

10 Ways to Know Your Hub Luvs You

In no particular order...

  1. He cleans the house before he goes fishing.
  2. He makes super-special cinnamon-sugar-cream-whipped butter to go with croissants he bought just for you to take to work for breakfast.
  3. He waits until you've gone to work before having the exploding butt. (This is a big one.)
  4. On days when you're not feeling well, he doesn't complain (much) about making supper.
  5. He gets your coffee ready every morning.
  6. On Saturday mornings, he takes the dog out for a walk so you can sleep in.
  7. He understands that "leave me alone for a bit" isn't an insult.
  8. He puts blankets over the windows when you have a migraine to block out every possible shred of light.
  9. He makes plans to go visit people you love, even though they scare him to death, just because you love them and you want to go.
  10. He finally loves your dog, too.


  1. OOH.....let me add:
    1. He admits to liking Grey's Anatomy just as much as you.
    2. He makes killer French Toast.
    3. He can beat you at Scrabble.

  2. My Hub can beat me at Scabble! How did you know?! *OOOooooOOoo*

  3. Awesome list. I think my husband hits almost every single one except the butter one. But he does make a good dinner and actually likes it!

  4. Is this for real?? Good God. Where do I find one of these?