Saturday, April 11, 2009

Massive Photo Update

Ok - I haven't posted any photos in a while (see the aforementioned modem death entry); so, I am going to post a bunch. Did you know that blogger will only let you upload five photos at a time? Whatev!

Having some mommy time. Epona loves to be cuddled and held. She STILL thinks she is a lap puppy even though she weighs 30 pounds now. Of course, it could be worse, she could be a great dane and still think she is a lap puppy. Whenever I sit down at my computer, I have to take at least five minutes out, before I do anything mind you, to pull her up into my lap and cuddle. She loves the hugs.

Hub had his pool table delivered this week. He's been awfully excited about it. A co-worker of his is moving into a new building, and they don't have room for the table at their new place. So, she worked a deal with Hub so he could purchase it from her on a payment plan. How cool is that? He paid it off last month, but he had to wait for the pool store to be able to schedule him in so it could be picked up, delivered, and professionally assembled. It is a short table, too, which I really like because I can reach to shoot! (I'm only 5'2"; pool can be tricky for me.) The table came with a cover, a set of billiards balls, a set of cues, and three racks. We're pretty pleased with the entire deal. :) The cats like it, too, because they have something new to perch upon.

Tell me she isn't beautiful! We were in bed, and it took forever for me to get her to quit moving her head. LOL!

I have discovered that my digital camera will take photos in black and white, sepia, blue, red, and green. This was my test shot for the sepia tone. I was in bed (obviously) and playing with the camera when I discovered the colored option.

This is Epona's "but I don't wanna come inside" game. See, that porch is directly off of the back door, which is the door we use to let Miss Thing out so she can play in the backyard, go potty, etc. When she is particularly tired, or extremly ornery, she will come to the back door and stare inside as though she wants to be let in. When someone goes to the door to let her in, however, she runs off the porch and lays down in the iris bed. Some of my iris are extremely trampled by this point in time, let me tell you. And then, she peeks up over the edge of the porch to see if you're still there. Smart-ass dog, you guys. So, we play this game for a while until I get tired of it and go do something else. I've discovered that if I sound -ultra-happy when I'm calling her, she'll come inside. If not, we play the porch-and-seek game.

Oh, the budda dome. Ok, frog and I went to Petsmart last week because we were out shopping, and I wanted to get Epona some more sturdy toys. I have a chewing dog; and if I don't keep her occupied, she will chew on whatever she can get. She's already chewed through an ottoman cushion. (And you know, this doesn't bother me as much as it does Hub. To me, she's a dog, and she chews. That's what she does. And it is just stuff, you know? But to Hub, it's HIS stuff and OMG if she chews on it.) So, we have discovered that if we buy her regular toys, she chews through them in a whole five minutes. There is a brand of toys, though, that markets itself as "three times more sturdy!" So, Hub bought her one of the toys a few months ago, and she LOVED IT. Sure, she chewed off the ears, tail, and nose; and sure, she managed to get some of the fluff out of it, but seriously? She played with that toy until it was flat, discolored, and unrecognizeable. (Really long backstory, huh?) So, frog and I went to Petsmart in search of more of these toys. I managed to get one (and a green alien that is a whole different story); and while we were there, we went to look at the cat stuff because frog has cats (also knows as "seacows"). We were wandering around the cat stuff when we came across the Aisle of Shitters. Now, I really didn't know that litter boxes were so advanced and high-tech. This one, though, cracked me up. It was called the Budda Dome. It was round like an igloo, and the stairs led from the doorway of the shitter to the special shitter area. The steps were supposed to help knock off any litter that may be stuck in your cat's paws upon exiting the shitter area. My cats, I think, would get lost trying to figure out how to get into the thing. We had a Budda Dome Vana White moment, though....

(frog please don't shoot me for putting up this photo. It is super-cute, and I luv you. *hee*)

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  1. My moment of glory.....showing off a shitter. With stairs.