Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I had to look back on my frame today and remind myself to live in the now.  Right now, this is how it is.  Right now, it isn't changing.  Right now, it isn't helping me to fret over it.

Right now is just right now.  Right now has the potential to be free of clouds of worry, if i will let that happen.  Right now has the potential to be a good moment, if i will let that happen.

It is ok to look back - on good times or bad - but dwelling and getting all up in my head, again, isn't helping me - even if I'm looking back on something good.  It is time to keep moving forward.  Forge ahead and see what happens.  Keeping the mind locked outside of right now means I don't get to experience right now.  And although right now is pretty boring, i.e. work and such, it still is a moment that COULD BE good and groovy.

It is important for me to remember that no matter how much I want to keep my feelings close, guarded, sheltered, I have to let them come and go as they will.  There is a fluidity that must be maintained because holding onto something means you've occupied space that could be filled with something else.  Feelings should come and go like this; nothing should ever be stagnant or withheld.  Nothing should ever be kept on too long that it becomes less joyful.

It was a joyful time I experienced.  It is a joyful memory I carry lightly, loosely; and gradually, I let go to make room for what comes next.

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