Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Alone but not lonely, Circe is the epitome of autonomous woman. Harness her energy to empower your own destiny, but beware of the temptation to use the energy to harm others.



I can make choices

I am my own best friend

It is my right to choose my path

My awesome power is released

I am full of energy and passion

Look out world, here I come!

I am free to choose my own destiny

My power is unleashed for the greatest good of all


Her Story


Circe or (Kirke, pronounced Kir-kee) is the daughter of Helios (The Sun) and Perseis (the daughter of Okeanos). Goddess of the moon and the night, Circe began life as a 'mage for hire' in order to fund her expensive pursuit of magic.


She was immortalised in literature (Homer's Odyssey) as a femme fatale, enticing Odysseus to her island whereupon she transformed his sailors to the animal closest to their true nature - pigs.


Because of Circe's mannerism of encircling her "victims" before enchanting them, she was named after the death-bird "kirkos" (a circling of falcons). However, she was neither good nor evil. Circe was simply fixed in her endeavours to further her own goals.


Her Modern Energy


For modern women, this means Circe challenges you to take responsibility for your own actions and life. Stop floating along with the mindset that "life just happens" and draw on Circe's energy to use your own power to create your own destiny.


Living alone on her island, the archetype of Circe is that of autonomous woman, self-empowered and whole unto herself. She does not need a man to complete her, although some stories tell of jealous tantrums where she unleashed her magic to metamorphose men and women who had crossed her.


Alone but not lonely, Circe's bouts of jealousy represents love in its irrational passion and remarkable power. This energy can be harnessed to enable your own transformation too. Let Circe's energy carry you forward, up and out of the life that is making you feel powerless.

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