Saturday, September 13, 2008

El Conference-o

I will have pictures, but I forgot to bring my USB cable; so, for now, you just get to hear (read) about my time at the conference.

The day went by pretty quickly, actually, which surprised me. I was awfully surprised when the day was over so soon after we'd had lunch, but we'll get there. I was the first person on our team to get there because I'm so freaking type-A that I was early; but by the time I was there, half of the conference room was full of awfully-peppy advisors. The conference was hosted by our Zone Leader; her name is Andrea (I think). I tried to get a picture of her, but she wouldn't freaking stop moving! The breakdown is like this:

Zone Leader
Regional Manager
Division Manager
Unit Manager

I tried awfully hard to get pictures of a lot of the people for posterity's sake, except for our regional manager because I didn't like her. I did meet our division manager, though, and she's a-freaking-dorable. She's very British, and she's cute as hell. I also met my unit manager's sister unit's manager, who is also adorable even if she's louder than me (can you believe that?).

So, a full eight-hour day of very-peppy advisors, freakishly-peppy managers, and non-stop recognition and clapping. I'm so incredibly tired just from the psychic wave that hit me when I walked in the door; it's incredibly. My unit manager is so smart, though; she bought us clapper gadgets so we wouldn't have to clap our hands! *LOL* It was great. We made so much noise that we pissed off all sorts of people, which only made it better for me. :)

I also got a $50 gift cert for being a new advisor, which I all-sorts of enjoyed. And I can't think of anything else right now because I'm so incredibly tired. So, photos soon when I get home.

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