Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Ok...I'm feeling verbose today; so, there may be more than one blog entry. Here's a few things.

First, Tejas.
I really ..am struggling to feel sorry for people in Texas right now. Ask me why. C'mon, really. Ask me why.

#1: If they tell you to get the hell out of the path of the hurricane and you don't? I hope you drown. I am not a nice person; and if you can't follow directions, it's survival of the fittest, baby.
#2: If you live in a state that has nothing but sand, cactus plants, and bugs that cannot seriously be identified as bugs due to their size, you should seriously consider moving.

To say I have a serious dislike of Texas is a drastic understatement. I do not like Tejas, which is not to say that I do not like people from Texas, Mexico, or Mexicans. It's all about perspective, people. I do not like some Texans, some parts of Mexico, and some Mexicans. The majority of Texas, though? Can just drop off into the ocean for all I car. Buh-bye. Just like California. Buh-bye. We don't have a use for you and your big-ass bugs any more.

Second, my crazy husband.
My husband was doing a really great thing for his dad. He was going to go pick him up, take him to his MD appt., and take him home. So, he got out of bed this morning, brought me breakfast IN BED, took care of the pup, and got all ready to go. We left the house at the same time. I headed to work; Hub headed to Muscatine. About 9:30 AM, I get a phone call. Yeah, my husband went all the way to Muscatine...and the appointment is TOMORROW.

Third, my cursing.
I've discovered that I cuss a LOT lately. What's that about? There's really no need for that, is there? It doesn't really get the point that much more across, does it? There are some curse words that are acceptable to me in common language (hell...ass...damn...those are pretty common), but then the others...those are kind of pushing it, don't you think? (I just realized I'm going to have to move some diary entries over from OD so my parentheses make sense...hmm..maybe I'll do that now.)

Look at me pausing here because I've gotten side-tracked...

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